Why Join UBA.

The United Business Association (UBA) is a nationwide membership of small business owners and employees. UBA leverages our purchasing power to secure benefits and discounts that may not be otherwise available on an individual basis. With association group insurance programs, shared business knowledge, business and lifestyle benefits and services and opportunities to network, We are Better Together.

Membership is only $10 for the entire family!

Welcome to UBA

Business & Lifestyle Services

United Business Association provides its members with discounts on various business and lifestyle services. There are a total of 27 services that provide UBA Members access to Lab Discounts, 24-Hr Nurse Helpline, Emergency Roadside Assistance, LegalConnect®, and one of the most widely used association service Office Max Office Supplies & Furniture discounts, and more. Get perks like big companies by leveraging the purchasing power in your membership! Your membership in the United Business Association offers you Member Driven Value. UBA is always working to add or improve the lifestyle and business service offerings to enhance the value of your membership.

Supplemental Group Insurance

Your membership in the United Business Association allows you to access and enroll in supplemental association group insurance programs and apply for short term medical insurance. Various insurance companies have issued group limited benefit insurance policies to the United Business Association as the group master policyholder. There are 9 UBA Gap plans that include group insurance like accident, critical illness, emergency room visits, term life, and more. These supplemental plans can help members offset out-of-pocket medical expenses like deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and out-of-network costs. UBA works with top-rated carriers to provide these group insurance programs.

Networking & Knowledge

Since UBA is an association made up of small business owners and employees, we have provided a service for each member to network their small business with other members on our website. Not only can we help you with the ad creation, but you can also select the category of your choosing to place the ad. Healthy America, as the exclusive marketer of the United Business Association, is driving more viewers to UBA's website. This in turn increases the viewability of UBA's website to more than just members. It creates the potential of your ad to reach a broader audience. Also, UBA provides helpful small business articles, videos, and links in the Knowledge section of the website along with past issues of UBA Matters newsletters.

Group Insurance Plans

Below are the various group insurance programs that are issued to the United Business Association that members can access by purchasing additional UBA Gap Plans along with their UBA Membership. Please note that not all types of insurance are available in all plans or in all states. Please view the UBA Gap Plans to review what each plan offers.



UBA & Covid-19

The United Business Association's marketing, billing & fulfillment organization, Healthy America, has maintained full operation during this interesting time in our history through employees working at home, along with staggered work-days with safe-distancing, wearing masks and gloves as well as thorough cleanings to disinfect and ensure the sanitization of the office. Our staff has handled this crisis with fortitude to make sure that members receive return calls and all emails are answered. We are completing our normal daily operations including sending out vitamins and fulfillment welcome UBA kits. We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy and we pray for you and your family during this unique time in our lives.