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LegalConnect - UBA Membership


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When legal concerns arise, they consume a great deal of time and attention. LegalConnect provides the legal information and support that you need to maintain focus and stay in control.

LegalConnect - UBA Membership
Telephone Consultations - LegalConnect


LegalConnect employs a staff of expert, licensed attorneys exclusively dedicated to telephonic consultation. To access LegalConnect, simply call the number in your guide.

Member Law Services - LegalConnect


Services offered include: Unlimited information on any legal issue, such as: landlord / tenant concerns, personal injury, criminal and credit issues & more; Referrals to local attorneys for a free 30-minute consultation and a 25% reduction in fees for representation; Information about no-cost and low-cost legal options such as university law clinics and small claims court; Referrals to consumer advocacy groups & governmental organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General offices; and Unlimited post-referral support.

LegalConnect is a registered trademark of ComPsych Corporation.