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Discount Hearing Service- UBA Membership

Discount Hearing Service

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Association Hearing Services is a nationwide plan that offers its members premium, name brand hearing aids at huge savings on a no-risk, 100% satisfaction-guaranteed basis. The professional, licensed staff are happy to discuss your hearing needs and provide recommendation for the best solution to your hearing problems.

Discount Hearing Service - UBA Membership
Hearing Test - Discount Hearing Service

If you already have results from a hearing test, you can either email, fax or send the information to the Hearing Service. Or you can take a free online hearing test yourself by visiting the website listed in your member guide.

Hearing Device Savings - Discount Hearing Service

The hearing instruments offered through the mail-order plan typically save a member between 50%-60% off the prices of most local audiology clinics or dispensing offices. Association Hearing Services has over 45 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients. Ask for a free brochure by calling the number in your member guide.