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Data Breach & Cyber Liability Insurance - UBA Membership

Data Breach & Cyber Liability Insurance

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For many companies, the cost of a data breach or loss of confidential information could mean significant impairment. The United Business Association endorses the Gallagher Affinity Data Breach & Cyber Liability Program, designed to provide the critical insurance coverage necessary to help protect companies of all sizes  from the high costs and effects of a cyber or other types of data breaches, as well as comply with state and federal regulations and costly penalties.

Data Breach & Cyber Liability Insurance - UBA membership
Protections of Data Breach & Cyber Liability Insurance - Data Breach & Cyber Liability Insurance

Every data breach is different, that is why our Data Breach & Cyber Liability Program offers mulitple options designed for the specific needs and industry.

  • First and third party coverage
  • Two plan limit options
  • Expert forensic and legal assistance to determine the extent of the breach
  • Notification provided based on the number of affected individuals, not a capped dollar amount
  • Notified individuals receive an offer for 12 months of free 3-bureau credit monitoring, including services for minors
  • Indentity theft-related fraud resolution services for individuals who become victims of identity theft
  • Loss control information service, including compliance and breach response information, email alerts of key legal and regulatory developments and expert online support for client questions