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Get Insured for Dental Services

Gap Dental Plan

Member Driven Value.

Broad Coverage for Brighter Smiles - Gap Dental Plan

Summary of Plan

Why Gap Dental Plan

Broad Coverage for Brighter Smiles

Did You Know

50% of Americans are without dental insurance. And 74% of people without dental insurance see a dentist only when they have a perceived problem.1

40.2% of adults indicated that they will forgo dental care due to cost.2

Stats taken from: 1 2Health Policy Institute (ADA American Dental Association)
Group Dental Insurance


 Annual Deductible: Individual / Family
 (Deductible waived for Diagnostic & Preventive Services)
 $50 / $150
 Annual Maximum
 Plus Maximum Carryover^

^If at least one covered service is paid in a benefit year and the total benefit paid does not exceed $500 in that benefit year, $250 will be added to the next benefit year carryover maximum. The amount will accumulate from one benefit year to the next, but will not exceed $1,000.








*There is a 12 month waiting period for all members for Major Dental Services.

For Example: A dentist may submit a $950 charge for a crown. With dental insurance, the dentist accepts a reduced fee of $744. That's an immediate savings of $206! Furthermore, having dental insurance means the carrier pays a percentage from the reduced fee so you can see how the advantages of dental coverage can add up quickly.

For An In-Network Dentist^



YOU PAY: $372
61% decrease from the dentists fee!
^The payment example above is for illustrative purposes only. Fees and reimbursements can vary by location and dentist. It does however represent how the payment is determined.

Coverage is available to paid Members of the United Business Association after the effective date listed in your welcome letter following the receipt of the Membership application and the payment of the first month's dues to the United Business Association.

Dental benefits are underwritten by Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America, Indianapolis, IN and in New York by Renaissance Health Insurance Company of New York, New York, NY. Both companies can be reached at PO Box 1596, Indianapolis, IN 46206. This information is a brief description of the important features of this insurance plan. It is not an insurance contract. For more details, limitations, exclusions and definitions, please refer to the Certificate.
Difference Between In- and Out-of-Network Benefits

Difference Between In- & Out-of-Network Benefits


  • Based on the negotiated contracted dentist fee schedule. Using in-network dentists, the member can save more because the significant contracted discounts will result in less out-of-pocket expenses. By saving, the member will be able to receive more services during the year than if the member sees a non-contracted dentist.

  • Based on the local UCR charges. By seeing an out-of-network dentist, you have the freedom to choose any dentist and still have the benefits paid at the same coinsurance percentages. However, your annual maximum could be met sooner since the out-of-network dentists don't offer the same contracted discounts.
Diagnostic & Preventive Dental Services

100% COINSURANCE - In- or Out-of-Network

Diagnostic & Preventive Services Include:

Diagnostic & Preventive Service - Oral Exams - twice / 12 mos
Twice / 12 Mos

Diagnostic & Preventive Service - Cleanings - twice / 12 mos
Twice / 12 Mos

Diagnostic & Preventive Service - XRays Full Mouth Series - Xrays Bitewing
X-Rays - Bitewing5


Diagnostic & Preventive Service - Fluoride Treatment - to age 19 - Twice / 12 mos
To Age 19
Twice / 12 Mos

Diagnostic & Preventive Service - Sealants - To age 16 - Once / 36 Mos
To Age 16
Once / 36 Mos

Diagnostic & Preventive Service - Space Maintainers - Harmful Habit Appliances
Harmful Habit


*Diagnostic & Preventive Services also include Oral CDx BrushTest®, an oral Brush Biopsy that can detect precancerous cells and oral cancer in its earliest stages to its benefit plans. Renaissance Dental pays the approved percentage of the fee for both the BrushTest procedure and the laboratory analysis for covered patients.

3People with specific at-risk health conditions may be eligible for additional prophylaxes (cleanings) or fluoride treatment. The patient should talk with his or her dentist about treatment. (See below Evidence Based Dentistry).
4Full Mouth X-rays are payable once in any 5 year period.
5Bitewing X-Rays are payable once per benefit period
6Sealants are payable only for the occulusal surface of the first and second permanent molars to age 16. The surface must be free from decay and restorations. Sealants are payable once per tooth per 3 year period.

Evidence Based Dentistry:
Renaissance Dental has enhanced its benefit plans to accommodate members who are at higher risk for serious illnesses. Covered cleanings will increase from two to four annually for persons with certain high-risk medical conditions, including those experiencing kidney failure or who are undergoing dialysis; diabetics with periodontal disease; pregnant women with periodontal disease; those susceptible to infective endocarditis; and those with suppressed immune systems due to chemotherapy and / or radiation treatment, HIV infection, organ transplant, and / or stem cell (bone marrow) transplant. Talk to your dentist if you have any of these conditions, and contact Renaissance to find out if you are eligible for these additional benefits. Your dentist must provide a notation on your claim to receive full reimbursement.
Basic Dental Services

70% COINSURANCE - In- or Out-of-Network

Basic Services Include:

Basic Service - Fillings -Minor Restorative Services

Basic Service - Simple Extractions - no ncomplicated extractions


Basic Service - Non-Surgical Periodontic Services - to treat gum disease

Basic Service - Emergency Palliative Treatment to temporarily releive pain


*Plus other basic services (miscellaneous services).

7Minor Restorative Services
8Non-Complicated Extractions
9To treat gum disease - we allow for two cleanings or two perio maintenance visits, or a combination of both but no more than two in a benefit year.
10To temporarily relieve pain
Major Dental Services

50% COINSURANCE - In- or Out-of-Network

Major Services Include:

Major Services - Surgical Periodontic Procedures

Major Service - Endodontic Services - ie. Root Canals

Major Service - Complex Extractions & Dental Surgery


Major Service - TMD Treatment

Major Service - Crowns and Veneers

Major Service - Bridges, Implants, & Dentures


Major Service - relines and repairs of bridges and dentures

Major Services - Dental Tools and mask
*There is a 12 month waiting period for all members on Major Services.

11To treat gum disease
12All Other Oral Surgery Services
13Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction - Treatment is limited
14Major Restorative Services (Crowns & Veneers are payable once per tooth per 5 year period)
15Prosthodontic Services (Bridges & Dentures are payable once per tooth per 5 year period; Implants are payable once per tooth per lifetime)
Plan Costs

Gap Dental Plan Costs

The following monthly insurance rates apply to coverage underwritten by Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America and Renaissance Health Insurance Company of New York. Your overall total association membership dues include these insurance rates:

Area 1: AL, AR, LA, MS, WV
Ind: $41
Ind+1: $81
Family: $147

Area 2: GA, KS, MO, NE, SC, TX, WY
Ind: $46
Ind+1: $91
Family: $164
Area 3: IL, KY, OK, TN
Ind: $52
Ind+1: $102
Family: $184

Area 4: AZ, DC, FL, IA, IN, ND, NJ, NM, NV, OH, PA, RI, UT, VA & WI
Ind: $58
Ind+1: $113
Family: $205
Area 5: DE, MI, NC
Ind: $64
Ind+1: $125
Family: $226

Area 6: ID
Ind: $71
Ind+1: $140
Family: $252
Area 7: CA
Ind+1: $157
Family: $284
State Availability

Gap Dental Plan is Available in the Following States:


View Gap Dental Sample Member Guide

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Click here to view Gap Dental Plan Sample Member Guide

Group Insurance Certificates

Gap Dental Plan Insurance Certificates

Please check back for Gap Dental Certificates to be viewed here soon.

Claim Information

For Claims Assistance, Contact:

United Business Association Claims Unit
Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America
PO Box 17250, Indianapolis, IN 46217
Eligibility & Benefit Info: 888.358.9484

Benefit payment is subject to the plan provisions, limitations, exclusions and other provisions within the Certificate. For more information and complete details of terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of coverage, please refer to the Certificate. Coverage may vary and may not be available in all states. Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America and Renaissance Health Insurance Company of New York, New York, NY do not provide nor is affiliated with the discount programs provided as part of membership in the United Business Association.

Dental Provider Network

Find a Dental Provider in the Network

You can receive dental services from any licensed dentist; however your benefit dollars may stretch even further if services are obtained from a participating PPO network dentist. The Renaissance Dental PPO network combines leading national and regional networks to offer you maximum choice and value. Members can search for a participating dentist at If you decide to contact a dental office directly, please refer to the following network partners that a dental office will likely recognize:

  • Maximum Care
  • Maverest
  • Connection Dental

Click Below Image to Find a Dentist.
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Exclusions & Limitations

For Group Dental Insurance

Renaissance Does Not Pay Benefits For:

1. Services for injuries or conditions which are compensable under Workers’ Compensation or Employer’s Liability laws; services which are provided to the Enrollee by any federal or state government agency or are provided without cost to the Enrollee by any municipality, county or other political subdivision except as such exclusion may be prohibited by law.

2. Services with respect to congenital (hereditary) or developmental (following birth) malformations or cosmetic surgery or dentistry for purely cosmetic reasons, including but not limited to cleft palate, maxillary and mandibular (upper and lower jaw) malformations, enamel hypoplasia (lack of development), fluorosis (a type of discoloration) of the teeth, and andontia (congenitally missing teeth), except those services provided to newborn children for congenital defect or birth abnormalities or services that may be provided under Orthodontic Benefits.

3. Services for restoring tooth structure lost from wear, erosion, or abrasion, for rebuilding or maintaining chewing surfaces due to teeth out of alignment or occlusion, or for stabilizing the teeth. Such services include, but are not limited to: equilibration, periodontal splinting, occlusal adjustment.

4. Any single procedure started prior to the date the person became covered for such services under this plan.

5. Prescribed drugs, medication or analgesia.

6. Experimental Procedures.

7. Charges for any hospital or other surgical or treatment facility and any additional fees charged by the Dentist for treatment in such a facility.

8. Charges for anesthesia, other than by a licensed Dentist for administering general anesthesia in connection with covered oral surgery services.

9. Extra oral grafts (grafting of tissues from outside the mouth to oral tissue).

10. Services performed by any person other than a Dentist or auxiliary personnel legally authorized to perform services under the direct supervision of a Dentist.

11. Replacement of teeth extracted prior to the member’s effective date.

12.Services or appliances started prior to the covered person’s effective date; Treatment by anyone other than a dentist or licensed dental hygienist; Services received from any governmental agency, political subdivision, community agency, foundation or similar entity other than Medicaid; Tests and laboratory examinations; Medications and prescription drugs; Charges related to hospitalization or general anesthesia and / or intravenous sedation; Services or supplies received as a result of dental disease, defect or injury due to an act of war, declared or undeclared; Cosmetic Surgery or dentistry for aesthetic reasons; Dental services that are specialized techniques or investigational in nature.

13. Limitations: Coverage for services may be limited based on the age of the person receiving services; Coverage for certain services may be limited to a maximum number of occurrences during a specified time period (such as 2 times per year, or 1 time every 3 years); Coverage for temporomandibular disorders (TMD) is limited.

The above is a summary of exclusions and limitations. For complete details, please refer to your Certificate. Not all coverage provided under the Certificate is set forth above. The Certificate term is one year. Coverage may be terminated for reasons stated in the Certificate. Coverage ceases upon termination of the Certificate.

Terms & Disclaimers


If insurance is included in any Gap Plan, it is not basic health insurance or major medical coverage and does not qualify as minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act. You must be a member of the United Business Association (UBA) to access and enroll in any Gap Plan that provides an insured benefit. Various insurance companies, as described, have issued group limited benefit insurance policies to the United Business Association as the group master policyholder. You must purchase UBA Membership in order to purchase this additional plan.

UBA Refund / Cancellation Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your UBA Gap Plan, please call your Personal Member Concierge at 866.438.4274. We will be happy to issue a complete refund of membership dues within the first thirty (30) days. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your UBA Gap benefits and services.

Note: This membership is separate from any other insurance or supplemental plan you have purchased. Please contact your agent for any plans other than the UBA Gap Membership Plan. If you are canceling, please make sure to cancel using our cancellation phone number at 866.438.4274 or our cancellation form located at Please do not cancel through your agent. Cancel directly with UBA to make sure your cancellation request is handled promptly and correctly.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Diagnostic & Preventive Dental Services
Basic Dental Services
Major Dental Services
Dental Floss - Gap Dental Plan