Exciting News for UBA Members!

Starting June 1, 2017, You have a New Membership Benefit
a Wholesale Pharmacy Service through 

You will receive an email from MailMyPrescriptions.com
with a Pre-Activated ID Number to access your new benefit. 

Find out How Gap Plans Can Help You

Find Out how Gap Plans Can Help You
Select Find Your Gap Plan Fit Button Above to Find Out How Gap Plans Can Help with the Following:
Gap Plans can help with Healthy Lifestyles
Gap Plans can help with Business
Gap Plans can help with Getting Sick
Gap Plans can help with the Accident Prone
Gap Plans can help with unexpected illness like heart attack, cancer and stroke
Gap Plans can help with Hospital Care
Gap Plans can help with Hospital Care

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Who is UBA
UBA Business Connection - Network with other UBA Member Businesses
Knowledge and UBA Matters News and Updates
Free Business Advertising - Advertise your Business for Free to other UBA Members
UBA Refund and Cancellation Policy - 30 day money back guarantee
Accident and Critical Illness (CI) Statistics as well as other stats
Why Gap Videos - find out how Gap Plans can Help You
UBA Member Forms - easy access to common forms used by UBA Members


Who is UBA

With shared business knowledge, group insurance programs, and opportunities to network;

We are Better Together.

The United Business Association is an association for small business owners and employees. UBA offers a variety of GAP Plans to choose from with benefits and services that can fit your lifestyle and needs. Choose from low cost membership plans or those plans with Group Accident, Group Critical Illness, Group Term Life, Emergency Treatment and more. Find your Fit today!

The United Business Association leverages the purchasing power of our nationwide membership to secure discounts and savings not otherwise available on an individual basis. We promote networking among its members and make available shared business knowledge.

Our Gap Plans are not major medical or Affordable Care Act health plans and do not qualify for minimum essential coverage. Therefore, UBA highly recommends you purchase an Affordable Care Act health plan. UBA Gap Plans that include insurance (Accident, Critical Illness, Emergency Treatment, Accident and Sickness Limited Benefit Cash or Term Life) are designed to supplement your Affordable Care Act Major Medical Plan. Benefits with your Gap Plan can help cover out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles and out-of-network costs related to accidents, life-threatening cancer, heart-attack, stroke, hospital care, or emergency room treatment.    


UBA Business Connection - Network, Connect, Promote, Support, Compare, Mingle with other UBA Member Businesses

Featured Business

Body Dimensions Inc.

Our featured networked member business, Body Dimensions, Inc. is one of the leading auto body repair shops in Quakertown, PA. All of their autobody services are performed by top mechanics in their field. See below for some of the offerings from Body Dimensions Inc:

  • 24 / 7 Towing Service Available
  • Dent Removal
  • Specialization in Restoring Damaged Vehicles
  • Matching Car's Original Paint Job


Knowledge & News

Shared Business Knowledge

United Business Association was started as a group of small business owners seeking to share business information and negotiating power with vendors.

UBA Member News

  • View past editions of UBA Matters
  • Get important membership updates
  • Add your email to our online E-news updates

Stay Informed. Want to know how much certain procedures for medical care cost?  Visit Guroo.com using the link below to access insight into medical costs from your local area for many medical conditions.


Free Advertising

Join the Community and network your small business with other UBA Members. Don't have an ad? That's ok! We can design one for you. Just fill out the Add Your Small Business Form and we will do the rest. With over 31,000 Members, UBA offers this FREE benefit to help you grow your business. Support other members just like you by viewing the businesses in our network.

Create Your Ad

Create an ad or have us do it for you for FREE.

Add Business to Network

Fill out the form and then upload your logo or ad, or send us webpage to give us an idea about your business to design the ad. Choose the category on the form to where your ad should be placed.

View Ad And Other Businesses

View your ad and other businesses in our Member Networking pages and support other Members like you.


Refund & Cancellation Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your UBA Gap Plan, please call us at 866-438-4274. We will be happy to issue a complete refund of membership dues within the first thirty (30) days. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your UBA Gap benefits and services.

Note: This membership is separate from any other insurance or supplemental plan you have purchased. Please contact your agent for any plans other than the UBA Gap Membership Plan. If you are cancelling, please make sure to cancel using our cancellation phone number at 866-438-4274 or our cancellation form (see below link). Please do not cancel through your agent. Cancel directly with GAP to make sure your cancellation request is handled promptly and correctly.

30 day money back guarantee

Credit Card Users: For any new membership plans purchased between 2/4/16 through 10/5/16 with monthly credit card drafts, there was a $2.50 per month, non-refundable administration fee. For any new memberships purchased on or after 10/6/16, with monthly credit card drafts, the dues on the Gap Fundamental Plan will be $10 per month for the entire family. There will be a 50% discount on monthly bank draft billing of dues for the Gap Fundamental Plan on or after 10/6/16 ($5.00 per month for the entire family).


Be informed. Did you know how many estimated number of new Cancer cases there are each year? Do you know how many people are treated in emergency rooms each year? Find out and become more informed.




Statistics about Accidents, Critical Illness like Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke, Emergency Room Visits and more

Why Choose Gap?

Watch our short videos to find out how Gap can help you.

How Can Gap Help You?

Care When You Need It.


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Forms at your Fingertips.

Download Member Claim Forms for Accident, Critical Illness, Emergency Room, Term Life and more
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