United Business Association was started as a group of small business owners seeking to share business information and negotiating power with vendors.

An Association for Small Business Owners and Employees

The United Business Association leverages the purchasing power of our nationwide membership to secure discounts and savings not otherwise available on an individual basis.  With group insurance programs, shared business knowledge, and opportunities to network, we are Better Together.


Accredited Appraisers, Inc.

Accredited Appraisers, Inc. can provide valuations for any of the following: Determine listing price; Divorce Settlements; Relocation; Litigation; Expert Witness for Court Cases; Appraisal Reviews; Consulting; Bankruptcy Cases; Property Measurements; and Challenge your Assessed Value to Lower Your Tax Bill.

As Certified Appraisers, they possess the expertise and professionalism to produce the level of dependable property value that home owners, attorneys, banks, and national lending institutions require.  Visit the Member's business site to find out more.

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